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Praise be to Allah, peace and blessings be upon the most honored of messengers, upon his family and his companions

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The translation has a significant role in the transmission of the intellectual heritage among nations, and has a significant impact on the growth of the human knowledge throughout history, also it can achieve the principle of communication between different human tongues, and overcome the obstacle language barrier, which sometimes stand in the way of the interaction with the other and dialogue with them.

The importance of translation is emphasized in groups that speak more than one language in general, and the existence of common links between these groups, whether national, social, political, scientific, cultural, etc.

And the most important of these links is the religious bond. Muslims like the one body, united, compassionate and sympathize among themselves, like a structure, each one strengthening the other.

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This is why the idea was to correct the path of charitable work and to gather the scattered efforts

We saw the need to adopt a center for the analytical and critical studies of translations, especially the Islamic translations, with the presentation of the necessary diagrammatic and statistical information and recommendations, which help the decision maker to define the priorities, update the language and to make the best use of the contemporary translation techniques.

To know the reality of Muslims who don't speak Arabic and to show their most important needs.

Indexing and analyzing the translations made in the field of religious science.

Criticism of translations made in the field of religious science in every language.

To seek an effective partnership between the center and the relevant sides to achieve cooperation and integration in various fields.

Creating a huge website to broadcast the studies of each language.

Building a global digital library containing the largest number of translations made in the field of religious science in various languages of the world.

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