Our Services

Presenting critical analytical

Presenting critical analytical studies on what has been translated from the forensic sciences to more than seventy languages.

Lack legitimate translations

Defining areas that lack legitimate translations in different languages.

Publish & Recommendations

Publish the findings and recommendations for each study conducted in each language, and make use of them in the support and development of translations.

Establishing a Link

Establishing a link between the critical studies and the comparative research of existing translators, translators and publishing houses.

Establish an Effective Partnership

Establish an effective partnership between the Center and the relevant bodies of legal translations to achieve cooperation and integration in various fields.

Global Digital Library

Establishment of a global digital library with the largest possible number of translations in the field of forensic science in the various languages ​​of the world

Find Meaningful Translations

Find meaningful translations that meet the needs of the reality of Muslims in non-Arab speaking countries.

Printing & Publication

Contribute to the printing and publication of translations.

Conferences & Seminars

Participation in conferences and seminars related to the field of translation of Islamic books

Provide Training

Provide training courses related to the field of translation of forensic science.

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