“A Critical Analytical Study of the Translation of Islamic Sciences in Danish”

“A Critical Analytical Study of the Translation of Islamic Sciences in Danish”


Danish is the official language of Denmark and one of the Scandinavian languages. Danish language is a branch of northern Germanic languages ​​spoken by approximately 6 million people, the majority of them in Denmark. It is spoken by about 50,000 Danes in Schleswig-Holstein in northern Germany, Danish is also one of the official languages ​​of the European Union.

It is a Northern German language. Many of its words have lower German origins, which in turn were the language of the royal palace for a period of time.

The study deals with the translations that took place between the Arabic and Danish languages, especially in the field of forensic sciences and the translation of the Holy Quran, and then moves on to talk about the reality of Muslims in Denmark, the first times they lived there, the Islamic sanctuaries, mosques and schools, the problems they encountered there and the division that took place in Danish society.


This study included several points, and we will discuss the most important ones:


* The history and spread of the Danish language.

* Development of translation between Danish and Arabic.

* Problems of translation from Danish to Arabic and vice versa.

* The reality of Muslims in the Danish world and their needs.

* Indexing and analysis of translations, which took place in the field of Islamic science into Danish.

* A critical study of translations, pros and cons.

* determine the lack of Islamic legitimate translations in Danish.

* The main recommendations and results of the study.

* An appendix containing the most famous preachers in the Danish language, as well as the most famous translators.



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