“A Critical Analytical Study of the Translation of Islamic Sciences in Dutch”

“A Critical Analytical Study of the Translation of Islamic Sciences in Dutch”


The language of the Dutch is one of these languages, which dates back to the fifth century AD as a German language and it is the origin and reference of certain languages ​​in southern Africa, such as Afrikaans. The number of speakers is about 22 million as a mother tongue and about 5 million as a second language and is a major language in the Netherlands, Belgium and Suriname.

The language of the Dutch has contributed to the migration of Muslims to the spread of the religion of Islam and the Islamic faith, through the interest in the translation of the Koran and books of Islamic science to meet the need of Muslims speaking the language, which is estimated now in the Netherlandsonly half a million Muslims.

In the late 16th century, a number of Orientalist Studies were published, especially in the areas of the Koran and the Prophet’s biography but these translations which were at the hands of the orientalists like others, remained flawed by many errors and shortcomings. This was because their concern was not to understand the true Islam, but to serve their interests from the discovery of Islamic culture, and to convince some of them that Arabic language serves theology better than others.

Thus, the legal translation of the Dutch language suffers from many difficulties, as in the rest of the foreign languages. The first translations were not of the original language: Arabic, but of the Latin language, followed by other translations that were not directly related to Arabic.

The Muslim community in the Dutch-speaking territories suffers from challenges despite the concessions and guarantees granted by the government to the Muslim minority in exercising their religious freedom and the establishment of institutions that deal with the interests of Muslims; but the Muslim community in the Netherlands suffers from the pressures of the extreme right that controls most of the countries of Europe at this time, Growing and spreading. One of the most prominent problems of Muslims in the Netherlands is the spread of Qadianism and Judaism. The Qadianis have deliberately translated the meaning of the Holy Quran into Arabic, and they are in urgent need for proper translation and the construction of more Islamic schools that provide guidance and proper Islamic education there.

Hence, the study in our hands deals with several issues related to the problems facing the legal translation in the Dutch language, and the need for the Muslim communities who speak this language to translate correctly, in order to ensure the safety of the faith and deliver it pure to future generations.


This study included several points, and we will discuss the most important ones:


* The history and spread of the Dutchlanguage.

* Development of translation between Dutchand Arabic.

* Problems of translation from Dutchto Arabic and vice versa.

* The reality of Muslims in the Dutchworld and their needs.

* Indexing and analysis of translations, which took place in the field of Islamic science into Dutch.

* A critical study of translations, pros and cons.

* determine the lack of Islamic legitimate translations in Dutch.

* The main recommendations and results of the study.

* An appendix containing the most famous preachers in the Dutchlanguage, as well as the most famous translators.



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